M&E Consulting Engineers
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The company has competencies in all aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering services consultancy and has over the years carried out designs and supervision of work relating to:-

Mechanical Engineeering Services

Food Preparation • Cooking • Conveying and Serving Equipment (HACCP Standards) • Calorifier Plants • Industrial Projects • Heating Installations • Hot and Cold Water Service. Medical Gases Service • Air Compressors/Compressed Air Services • Medical Vacuum Systems • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation • Refrigeration Installations and Cold Stores • Cooling Water Systems • Acoustics • Boiler Plants and Auxiliaries • Steam Service/Condensate Return Systems • Mechanical Vibrations and Isolations • Laundry Equipment and Services

Electrical Engineering Services

LV, MV and HV Electrical Designs and Supervision and Supplies • Electrical Sub-Stations • Generating Plant Installations including cogeneration • Power Transmission and Distribution • Electrical Lighting & Power Installations • Street Lighting • Lifts, Hoists and Escalators • Communication and Alarm Systems • Access control and security systems • Clock Installations, Public Address Systems • Personnel Location and Call Systems • Radio and Television Installations • Central Protection Systems • Lightning Protection • IT Solutions and Networking systems • Thermal Insulation

The services provided by the firm in these areas include:

  1. Feasibility Studies and Reports
  2. Contract Management and Cost Control
  3. Planning Proposals
  4. Cost Estimate (Economic Evaluations)
  5. Preparation and Settlement of Final Accounts
  6. Scheme Promotion
  7. Detailed Project Design
  8. Commissioning and Advice on Plant Operations
  9. Specifications
  10. Provision of Record Plans
  11. Bills of Quantities